Developments in the world of Internet are taking place at an unprecedented pace. The extent of which the current architecture of the Internet can cope with the explosive demand in traffic, scale, mobility and pervasiveness, has given rise to worldwide research efforts for a number of years. At the centre of the debate is the question as to how to prepare for a Future Internet that can cope with the demands for generalized mobility, improved security, resilience and trust, the delivery of time critical and high bandwidth applications, as well as the emergence of an Internet of Things.

At the European Commission level in excess of 1 Billion Euros has already been committed to fund on-going European based projects covering a wide variety of research domains within the Future Internet. Recently a further initiative has been launched by the European Commission which aims at setting in place with a budget of 300 Million Euros for a three year duration, a programme of activities referred to as a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) programme, with a critical mass of well coordinated efforts that seeks to bring Internet type technologies, services and business processes into electrical grids, transportation networks, health systems, logistics, environment etc.

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A key element of the approach proposed within the PPP is that it seeks to take an experimentally driven approach based on large scale test beds, allowing for the assessment and deployment of new concepts, services and technologies, by calling for in particular SMEs to develop novel services leveraging data and information carried by such large smart infrastructures.

Aims and Goals

The First European Summit on Future Internet organized in Luxembourg by SnT, the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust, aims at bringing together a critical number of especially invited experts and scientific staff from around Europe, to present and discuss technological options, new service concepts, and to jointly examine how to optimize the opportunities ahead in preparation for the Call for Proposals, expected to be launched by the European Commission in July 2010. Presentations and discussions will hence be centered on the likely evolution perspectives of the Internet in the next 15 years, the potential domains of application (smart grids, digital cities, health networks etc), the scope of service evolution and requirements within these domains, the enabling network and device technologies that are sufficiently future proof to sustain the expected demands and finally the requirements for setting up in place large scale test beds open to the research and application developer communities.

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